What's included in the reservation fee?

It includes the full 10 course tasting-menu, the service. All alcoholic & non-alcoholic beverages will be charged separately at the venue.

What are your hours?

We host two dinners per evening. One at 6:30 PM & the other at 9:30 PM. We’re open weekly from Tuesday to Saturday. 

What is the maximum number of guests per seating?

We serve up-to 12 guests at a time. This ensures the highest level & quality of service.

Where can I park?

Parking is available directly under Eden House (our tower). A detailed map is sent to all our guests on the day of their reservation.

Do you cater to dietary restrictions & allergies?

Due to the nature of our menus (and small size of our kitchen) we are unable to cater to dietary restrictions & allergies. However, the following changes may be made:

  • Depending on the menu, & the severity & type of allergy, we may be able to cater to it.
  • Depending on the menu, we may be able to adjust our menu to pescatarians.

Our guests can feel free to contact us prior to their booking to confirm such requests.

What if I'm late?

Since our restaurant serves such small volumes on one counter, the dinners being at the same time for all the guests. Guests who arrive more than 20 minutes after their booking will start their experience from the stage it is at when they arrive; meaning that they risk missing a few introductory courses.

What's your refund & reschedule policy?

  • Refunds & reschedules are available upto 5 days prior to the booking date.
  • Reschedules within 5 days of the reservation are possible but are subject to a rescheduling fee of 425 AED per seat.
  • Reschedules can only be made prior to the reservation time. Meaning that if a booking is missed without prior notification, a reschedule cannot be made for such a booking after the date of that booking.

Considering the small size of our restaurant, our booking policy is put in place to safeguards the sustainability of our operation.

Do you have wheelchair access?

Our restaurant is accessible by wheelchair & service can be provided on our main table.