Moonrise is an Omakase restaurant located on the rooftop of Eden House, a luxury residential tower on Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai. Led by Solemann Haddad, it is an 8-seater multi-course experience that shines the spotlight on the Middle East’s ingredients & culinary stories. Being on a rooftop, our restaurant overlooks the entire city, from the beaches of Jumeirah to the city’s beautiful skyline – setting the perfect vantage point to experience the diverse stories that our region has to offer. 


Book your omakase dining experience featuring our Middle Eastern & Japanese inspired seasonal menu.


"Taking the best, mostly local, ingredients and fusing them with his heritage, he [Solemann Haddad] delivers an exciting omakase menu that is a blend of Japanese Kaiseki with Middle Eastern ingredients."

- The MICHELIN Guide

"...Moonrise has become a must visit for Dubai's foodies... Every bite is a journey of culture and layers of flavors. "

- Gault & Millau